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FS T Bulb

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FS T Bulb
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Base
LPQP40FS-01 40W >90LM/W N ∅100x175mm E27/B22
LPQP50FS-01 50W >90LM/W N ∅120x205mm E27/B22
LPQP80FS-01 80W >90LM/W N ∅140x225mm E27/B22
LPQP100FS-01 100W >90LM/W N ∅150x245mm E27/B22
LPQP120FS-01 120W >90LM/W N ∅160x245mm E40
LPQPT50FS-OI 150W >90LM/W N ∅160x275mm E40

LED T bulbs -FS Series used Die-casting aluminum, are mainly used to replace high power bulbs for high grade project. Strong house, higher power, high lumen, and good hot control make it high grade product.  

Strong houseAs the material is die-casting aluminum, the house of the bulb is more strong and sharp, give people good feeling, looks more reliable and quality, people would like to pay more for same size.

Higher powercompare to normal AL+PC T bulb, FS series T bulb can make higher power. The maxim power can make is 150w, can meet almost all kinds of project.

High Lumenthe lumen efficiency of aluminum T bulbs is as high as 100lm/s based on the test report from ever fine photoelectric test machine; it’s brighter than normal T bulb. Same size can make higher power or same power give more brightness.

Good hot controlthe body of the bulb is Die-casting aluminum which is more easy and faster to spread the heat ,so the temperature can be well controlled .Normal can control to 95 ℃ to make higher power . ,if necessary can make to 85 ℃ As good hot control, the bulb can last at least 25000 hrs. life time .

Comfortable lightRa ≥80 give vivid color of object under light ,good quality milk white PC cover make the light soft ,overall very comfortable for eyes .People have this bulb can enjoy good quality light.

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