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Have you ever met a problem: there is not enough height of the ceiling to install the lighting. Then you must come to Liper Ultra PANEL LIGHT

With its 7mm ultra slim design, you can install in all ceiling without any problem.
* Present we have watt as 40W 50W with 600x600mm size. 1200*300mm and 1200*600mm are also available.

*Super slim and efficient design
*Special extruded aluminum with very slim design (7mm thickness), more efficient heat dissipation, lowers the light decline greatly. It help to ensure the lumen output maintenance factor above 80%, after using 30,000 hours.
High Lumen — With high lumen efficiency LEDS, it bring high brightness light.
*Many installation way: Recess or suspend on the ceiling according your decorative occasion

liper lights (1)

* More conforable to your eyes: UGR *Wide voltage and stable driver: separate liper driver—well match and work with the lights Input and output.It can works well in the area where the voltage is not stable.
*UV resistant and high temperature resistance diffuser: After long time use, the diffuser will not turn to yellow color.
Liper LED PANELS | LED PANEL LIGHT. It provides a comfortable, good lighting quality and significant energy as well as maintenance savings. Liper panel light can be used for new functional lighting system installations or old traditional louver fitting replacements. Widely used in many places such as classrooms, hospitals, banks, cafes, offices, residences, shopping malls, and living rooms.

Following is one of our clients ultra slim panel light projects:

liper lights (2)
liper lights (3)

Liper is your best lighting solution choice.

Post time: May-11-2022

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