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The difference between T5 and T8 LED Tubes

Do you know the difference between LED T5 tube and T8 tube? Now Let’s learn about it!


The letter "T" stands for "tube", which means tubular, the number after "T" means the diameter of the tube, T8 means there are 8 "T"s, one "T" is 1/8 inch, and one inch is equal to 25.4 mm. A "T" is 25.4÷8=3.175mm.

Therefore, it can be seen that the diameter of the T5 tube is 16mm, and the diameter of the T8 tube is 26mm.

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On average, the T5 tube is 5cm shorter than the T8 tube (And the length and interface are different).

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Because the volume of the T5 tube is smaller, and the brightness generated when it is on power, the T8 tube is larger and brighter. If you need a bright tube, choose T8 tube, If you don’t have much need for lumen, you can choose T5 tube

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Different applications of T5 and T8 LED tubes:

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(1) The diameter of T5 is too small, so it is difficult to directly integrate the driving power into the interior of traditional tube. Only through integrated design can the driver be built-in or directly used to drive the external method. T5 tubes are generally used in the field of home improvement.

(2) T8 tubes are mostly used in public areas, factories, hospitals, government agencies, bus advertising stations, etc. The T8 tube has a wide range of applications, and it’s easier to integrate a built-in driver.

At present, T8 is conventional and more popular. As for the LED T5 model, it will be the future development trend, because this type of tube is small and easy to install, and it conforms to the aesthetic concept.

Post time: Nov-24-2021

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