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Libya Construction Expo

During the exhibition, LED bulb, down light and IP66 floodlight got the attention of the majority of visitors,which are the necessities of our life.

Our team in Libya

We are offering non-stop service to our clients,products,advertisement promotion,after-sale service.

On the basis of superior quality, people have expressed the confidence in the purchase and promotion of Liper LED lights.


Let’s check the items we displayed.

Pursuing the 100% energy saving,the solar items become the most popular item.

As we know the electricity supplier is not completed in Libya, the solar system portable light can be used indoor and outdoor for emergency purposes.

-Flash light

-Front light

-LED bulbs with wire

-USB&Solar charging

Besides, the IP65 down light attracts lots of visitors

Down light with emergency function for Libya market, it helps people when the electricity is cut.

New arrival Classic XIII series floodlights

Liper hopes to provide the customer with high-quality, cost-effective LED lights to meet everyone’s needs, Liper is always working hard to make differentiated lights, and make premium lights in popular products at the same time.

Having manufactured lights for 30 years, we are not only providing good quality lamps but also we are offering lighting solutions and marketing support.

How Germany Liper support?

1-Unique design-Opening our moulding&Offering competitive price.

2-Marketing support-Varieties of promotion gifts provided.

3-Showroom support-Design& decoration support

4-Exhibition - Design&samples

5-Unique packing design

Welcome to join us!
If you are new to the lighting industry, don’t worry, we are here guiding you step by step.
If you are a long time in the lighting industry, let’s become stronger and stronger together.
Welcome to join Liper family.

Post time: Jul-03-2021

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