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30 Rainy Days Smart Solar Street Light

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Lighting Up 30 Rainy Days

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World Environment Organization(WEO) vigorously advocates a green and harmonious lifestyle, and millions of people in the world rely on kerosene lamps and candles to light their homes, this is dangerous, harmful polluting, and expensive; some remote areas cannot be covered by the power grid as the huge cost; therefore the demand for solar lights is increasing day by day, because of energy-saving, eco-friendly, zero electricity, easily install.

But the lighting time is a big issue in the solar lights market, how to develop a light that can be lighting the same as an electrical one?

At Liper, we offer one smart system perfect for solar street lights, you’ll find high quality LED fixtures that couple with solar panels for maximum efficiency and savings. With this private technology, the solar street lights can keep on light upon 30 rainy days, We follow the moonlight, always bright for you. the new smart system provides stable lighting for narrow to wide areas and can withstand a variety of terrible weather conditions.

With Liper private new smart system, the problem for short lighting time and dim be solved, especially during the rainy season and winter which the sunshine not strong.

    What’s more?
1. Large-capacity lithium battery, longer battery life, longer lighting time.
2. All in one structure: the solar panel is fixed on the light arm, to make sure easily install.
3. Flexible rotation: the solar panel can be adjusted position from up to down, from left to right to absorb the strongest sunlight. as you know, in different regions with different latitudes, different sunshine hours, and the strongest illumination angles, solar panels need a perfect tilt angle.
4. Accurate battery indicator same like your smartphone
    There are 5 indicator lights, left to right means the power weak to strong
    Red light: no power
    Greenlight: fully charge
    Light flashes: in charging
5. Repairable design: chipboard and battery can be repaired to saving material.

the smart solar street light powered by renewable energy source---solar energy. Its special design and newest technological advantage represent a revolutionary step forward in integrating clean energy, a big step to create energy-efficient and future-ready smart cities. 

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