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Roadway Project Special Purpose Solar Streetlight

Short Description:

Die Casting Aluminum
IES available
5.8G Radar Sensor

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With the increasing shortage of earth resources, rising energy costs, and the continuous improvement of human environmental awareness, energy-saving, eco-friendly, 0-consumption solar lighting more and more be favored.

Solar lights are not only for civilian use but also extend to the project already. Take a look at our new Roadway Project Special Purpose Solar Streetlight.


Basic Specifications

Solar Panel Parameter
Material Monocrystalline silicon
Size 830*385*2.5mm
Maximum Power (Pmax) 60W
Voltage at max (Vmp) 5V
Current max (Imp) 12A
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 40 ℃
Lamp Parameter  
Material Die-Casting Aluminum
The lithium battery lithium battery 3.2V/80AH
LED lamp beads 5050 3V/1000mA/3W
LED Quantity 1C100B 200PCS 2groups
Color Temperature 3000K-8000K
Lamp Flux 8000LM±10%
Ra ≥80
Current max (Imp) 9.6A
Radar Sensor Mode 1,5.8G radar sensing2,the sensing distance is 15 meters
Lifespan >30000 Hours
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 40 ℃
Defend Grade IP65 CLASSII
Discharge Time >24H
Installation Height 5-10M
Installation Distance 20-40M

Two working modes can be chosen

radar sensor mode:

1,3 hrs---100% brightness after sensing, 10% brightness without sensing

2,3 hrs---70% brightness after sensing, 10% brightness without sensing

3,50% brightness after sensing, 10% brightness without sensing, until sunrise

2,timing control+radar sensor mode:

1,1 hrs 100% brightness

2,2 hrs 70% brightness

3, 70% brightness after sensing, 10% brightness without sensing, until sunrise

After sensing, it will recover to 10% brightness after 90 seconds.

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