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Multi-functional Solar System

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UV-resistant plastic

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Model Power Lumen DIM Bulb Flash light Side Light
LPSOL-30W 30W 7000-8000K N 2pcs 60H 30H 7H
LPSOL-40W 40W N 4pcs

Are you prefer a compact, portable, stylish and solar energy light device for normal and emergency lighting?

It’s not only for home use but also for outdoor activities, like camping, barbecue, street vendor economy, etc. New arrival Liper multi-functional solar system, can not miss it.

Excellent design: the hand-stitched texture highlights the high-end.Compact and portable which make you just like holding a Hermes bag. Touch by touch we built up our store of looking impressions, keenly sensed in minute detail and catch them, then make it perfect. One of Liper pursuits: Lights also deserve fashion. 

Special package: Colorful and exquisite package, your attention will be attracted immediately. A great first impression leads to success.

Energy-saving: Supports two ways of charging: home charging and solar charging. Polysilicon solar panel with three-meter line and high energy conversion rate,2 days can fully be charged.6 hours by home charging. Then light up your life to 60 hours with super bright light(7000-8000K).

Color option: Normally white and black, support customization.


1, Five in one power lines can charge your 5 different phones, stop worrying about running out of battery.
2, Flashlight for your accent lighting.
3, Two side light that can light up at the same time or separately.
4, Bulb with a three-meter line, you can choose two or four accordingly which can hang it easily to anywhere.

A very practical light device with noble temperament. Holding it which reminds me of Holly in <<Breakfast at Tiffany's>>.

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