B Solar Street Light

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B solar street light

Solar products have become more and more popular on the market. Why? The most attractive reason must be no need the electric power supply and it can transfer from endless sun energy to and electric one.

What`s more? It can use in remote area which is not convenient to access to electric. On the market all kinds of new energy products dazzle you. So, what makes our B series solar streetlight worth buying? 

Rotating panel design—It can adjust the panel to the best position and help to absorb more light. Except this, big size and high conversion rate panel also can help to store more energy inside the battery.

EL test—On the production line, we test all solar panel by electroluminescent tester to guarantee every piece can work perfectly. Smart time control system and reasonable auto set mode guarantee a longer working time.

LED—100W and 200W power solar road light can work properly for road illumination. Equipped with 200pcs 2835 high quality LEDs, Liper B series sun energy LED street light can light up your way home brightly.

Battery—It determine the lamp life span. With LiFePO4 battery, the recycle charge can reach to 2000times of our lamp. Every piece battery is tested by battery capacity detector to ensure enough capacity.

Why we are so confident about our product quality. All solar lighs will do aging test at our factory before deliver to the clients.

Besides, Our advantage is that we have dark room to offer IES file to project clients.

All these important components: panel, controller, LED and battery, strict quality control and service built up our B solar streetlight a worth buying product. 

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      Liper B series seperate solor street light

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