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M floodlight
Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size
LPFL-50M01 50W >100lm/w N 295X70X138mm
LPFL-100M01 100W N 295X70X268mm
LPFL-150M01 150W N 298X73X378mm
LPFL-200M01 200W N 298X73X490mm
LPFL-300M01 300W N 573X73X378mm
LPFL-400M01 400W N 573X73X490mm
LPFL-500M01 500W N 573X73X600mm
LPFL-600M01 600W N 573X73X710mm

Outdoor lights are for external occasions as parking lot,street,plaza and etc. We highly recommend Liper M series Module flood light.

And the key points for choosing outdoor lamp please check as below.

IP rate—To compete with normal IP65 lamp,our outdoor lamp is IP66 rated.Inside professional structure makes the light waterproof and dust-proof.

Lumen—High power outdoor lamps requires higher requirement for lumen than others.This type of luminaire reaches 100lm/W.

Temperature—For outdoor light,temperature is the key point to its lifetime.Under -45℃- and up to 80℃ testing,our waterproof LED light can work well.It is flexible under the hot and cold conditions.

Salt spray testFrom screws,housing,lens to inside components,tests in salt spray machine for 24 hours is the critical factor to ensure each part is working properly.

Torque testing—The power cord is qualified according to IEC60598-2-1 standard and strong enough for installation under any height.

IK rate—IK08 makes the light and package be qualified for lamp body and package standard.

Dark room—As it is well known that high power luminaire is mainly for projects,not only items needed,also we have to guide clients in a professional way.That’s why we have darkroom to simulate the lights required.

Waterproof terminal—Waterproof terminal we also have to offer clients more convenience.

We need the brightness to light up the way home,the way to grow and the way to soul.Our commission is to make your life brighter and purer.

Love life,love Liper module waterproof luminaire.

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      Liper IP66 M LED flood light Linear

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