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Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
LPFL-30K01 30W 2400-3000LM N 250x324x36mm
LPFL-30K02 30W 2400-3000LM N 250x324x36mm
LPFL-30K03 30W 2400-3000LM N 250x324x36mm
LPFL-30K04 30W 2400-3000LM N 250x324x36mm
LPFL-30K05 30W 2400-3000LM N 250x324x36mm

When there is earthquake,typhoon or hurricane,what shall we do for rescuing and asking for help?

Or you have outdoor activities like camping,climbing or barbecue,what shall we do to set off the atmosphere?

Germany Liper portable floodlight is highly recommended.


Unique design—This is an wonderful kit with patented design—combining smooth finishing the leather design in the edge of lamp,which is elegant and attractive.PC material with aluminum heat sink makes it anti-corrosion and superior heat dissipation to ensure the long life span.  

Long emergency time—Lighting time is importance for the lamp when the user use it.When the portable kit is fully charged,the back up time as below.

l 8 hours in normal level

l 4 hours in strong level

Height adjustable—Height can be from 0-90cm so that you can adjust it as you like.Also it is very easy to fold the lamp with you anytime & anywhere.It is a flexible and multifunctional foldable SMD lights and rechargeable luminaire.

SOS function—To be humanized for the emergency lamp,we also put the SOS function into the lamp as well.SOS function can help the users to gain more chance to survive under danger.

Easy charging—If the battery is off,you have 2 choices to charge it——Plug or car charger.

Details determine the success,as we also make ‘lap-top’ packing.When you carry this lamp luminaire,it is multifunctional and fashionable.

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