X Series LED Floodlight

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Die-Casting Aluminum
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    Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
    LPFL-10X01 10W 890-950LM N 137X32X118mm
    LPFL-20X01 20W 1720-1810LM N 180X37X187mm
    LPFL-30X01 30W 2650-2730LM N 193X37X197mm
    LPFL-50X01 50W 4120-4200LM N 258X42X257mm
    LPFL-100X01 100W 9150-9350LM N 261X59X268mm
    LPFL-150X01 150W 14100-14380LM N 285X65X285mm
    LPFL-200X01 200W 18800-19200LM N 345X70X370mm
    Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
    LPFL-200X01 200W 20000-21000LM N 345x110x375mm
    LPFL-400X01 400W 40000-41000LM N 405x105x425mm

    Germany Liper X series LED Floodlight is updated moulding. The wattage is from 10-400W.10-200W with driver inside type and 200-400W with external driver for high power luminaire.

    For better maintenance and function,the lamp reaches IP66 standard.To adapt the varied temperature under different seasons,the outdoor lamp works well under  -45℃ and works normally under 50℃.Not only we have professional design,but also we use high quality aluminum for die-casting.

    Details determine the success.Even for components like screw,stainless-steel handle,reflector,housing powdering technique and etc,we test all by salt spray machine.Any incoming raw materials of this lamp,our QC department will test them at least 24H to ensure the parts of luminaire can work in coastal areas.

    Diameter of the power cord is important for different power of outdoor lamp,we follow IEC60598-2-1 standard strictly,which is much higher than the normal market items.To offer better service,IP65 terminal box is also available for clients.

    Suppose there is a tender for outdoor luminaires,how to well plan the distribution of lights and how to use it in a proper way will be the first concern.Thus,we build up our own dark room to work out the lighting solutions and IES file to make it easy for clients do the simulations.We are not only providing outdoor products to clients,also we are offering service to satisfy clients requirement.

    Large gymnasium,bridge construction,advertisement board,villa,building facade,park and etc,our X IP66 lamps will be your ideal choice.

    Please feel free to contact us,our sales team and R&D team is sincerely welcoming your inquiry,your idea and your opinion.

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      Liper X series IP66 floodlight

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