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Liper led bulb (1)
Liper led bulb (2)
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Base
LPQP5DLED-01 5W 100LM/W N Φ60X106mm E27/B22
LPQP7DLED-01 7W 100LM/W N Φ60X106mm E27/BZ2
LPQP9DLED-01 9W 100LM/W N Φ60X108mm E27/B22
LPQP12DLED-01 12W 100LM/W N Φ60X110mm E27/B22
LPQP15DLED-01 15W 100LM/W N Φ70x124mm E27/B22
LPQP18DLED-01 18W 100LM/W N ∅80x145mm E27/B22
LPQP20DLED-01 20W 100LM/W N ∅80x145mm E27/B22
liper led lights

Light is a basic need, people can’t survival without it .However, all lights cost energy and energy is going less day by day. As the most widely used light, A bulb light is the biggest energy consumer .How to make bulb light more energy saving is crucial .What lucky is ,we developed new bulb light which use LED as light source ,we call it led bulb light . As one of the earliest companies specialized on light, LIPER can supply you perfect led bulb light.

Low energy consume, 80% energy saving

All Liper LED bulbs provide very good light efficiency , our bulb lumen efficiency regularly is 90lm/w based on test report from Everfine photoelectricity test machine  ,compare to traditional incandescent bulb ,its four times brighter based on same power .You can use 80% lower power led bulb to replace those old lights . For high end needs ,we also can make the lumen efficiency to 100lm/w .

Longer life

Liper Led bulb is designed with a life of 15000 hrs,based on our aging testing data of factory lab , it is two times than CFL and 15 times than incandescent bulbs .The temperature of led are well controlled within 100 ℃ based on temperature testing and the bulb can on-off 30000 times .if you use 3 hrs.one day , one bulb can last 5000 days ,equal to 13 years .

High color rendering (CRI 80) for vivid colors

The color rendering index (CRI) is used to describe the effect of a light source on color appearance. Natural outdoor light has a CRI of 100 and is used as the standard of comparison for any other light source. The CRI of our products are always higher than 80, close to the sun's value, reflecting colors truly and naturally.

Designed for the comfort of your eyes

It's easy to see how harsh lighting can strain the eyes. Too bright, and you get the glare. Too soft and you experience flicker. Our bulbs are designed with comfortable light to go easy on the eyes, and create the perfect ambience for you

Instant light when switched on

Almost no need wait: Liper bulb provide their full level of brightness less than 0.5 seconds upon switching on.

Different color choice

Light can have different color temperatures, indicated in units called Kelvin (K). Low value produce a warm, cozier light, while those with a high Kelvin value, create a cool, more energizing light, 3000k, 4200k, 6500k are more popular ,all be available   .

Safe and Environmental friendly

Liper Led lights contain absolutely no hazardous materials, so the product is environmental friendly, making them safe for any room and convenient to recycle.

In all ,Liper Led bulb light is energy saving ,long life ,confortable and Environmental friendly ,it’s your best choice for replacement . 

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