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Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Base
LPQP20ES-01 20W 100LM/W N ∅80x150mm E27/B22
LPQP30ES-01 30W 100LM/W N ∅100x185mm E27/B22
LPQP40ES-01 40W 100LM/W N ∅120x210mm E27/B22
LPQP50ES-01 50W 100LM/W N ∅138x240mm E27/B22

LED T bulbs ES Series are mainly used to replace big power incandescent bulbs or be used in other big Lamps in warehouse or industrial places. This model is regular item and more popular on the market as good price. 

Complete sizesThe powers of T Bulb Light-ES series covers from 10w to 70w maxim, which can meet most of the replacement needs for middle –high powers.

Good brightnessWith high grade led and more pcs of led than regular, the lumen efficiency of this T bulbs reach 95lm/s, make a very good brightness compare to others.

Lumen is most important for a light, so we always care about it.

Low temperature hot is the main killer of bulb, especially for high powers .For same size, the lower the power is, the less is the hot. We don’t pursue small size to make higher power to get more price and kept a good balance on quality and cost .T he led temperature are controlled under 95℃ which make sure the bulb can last more than 20000 hrs life time .

Comfortable lightRa ≥80 give vivid color of object under light ,good quality milk white PC cover make the light soft ,overall very comfortable for eyes .

Environmental friendlyNo hazardous materials be used during production process , the products are  environmental friendly and easy to recycle after damaged . As a green energy product, it’s very important; we always keep this in mind. 

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