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BX COB Down Light

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BX COB down light
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Cutout
LP-COB07BX01 7W 550-650LM N ∅98x46mm ∅75-85mm
LP-COB10BX01 10W 850-950LM N ∅115x47mm ∅95-105mm
LP-COB15BX01 15W 1350-1450LM N ∅140x49mm ∅120-130mm
LP-COB20BX01 20W 1750-1900LM N ∅160x50mm ∅130-150mm
LP-COB30BX01 30W 2550-2650LM N ∅196x60mm ∅160-185mm
LP-COB40BX01 40W 3450-3550LM N ∅225x70mm ∅18O-215mm
LP-COB50BX01 50W 4350-4450LM N ∅225x95mm ∅180-215mm

The world use male and female to distinguish human beings,good and evil to distinguish moral trait. How about led lights? Customers talk a lot about SMD and COB. BX series down light is COB structure with upgraded technology.

Easy maintenance—All wattage of COB downlights with separate led driver, it is convenient to replace once the led driver is not work due to some uncontrol factors.All the components is made by Liper lighting directly as we are manufacturer.

Full range wattage—In the past, 30W is enough for indoor light. The height and area of building increasing all the time, people have the demands of higher power. From 7W to 50W is feasible, and the hole size can be from 75mm to 215mm as needed.

Changeable modeling—The back design from 7W to 15W is total different with 20W to 50W, why different? The most important is the guarantee of heat dissipation, different height offer different design of back.

Comparing with old version COB down light, this NEW version is more graceful and simple which is more popular in the market. All the certificates of this COB down light is complete, CE, CB, EMC, LVD etc.

Choose Liper and save more energy saving for your life.

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