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Best Selling HS Solar Floodlight

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What we can benefit from using a solar floodlight? Why chose Lipper Solar light. All these questions must come out into your mind when you are look for a solar product.

Using AC floodlight connected to the national electricity grid may be expensive and not stable in the remote area hence the need for solar floodlights. With an affordable initial set up costs, it can save a huge electric cost on the following use. 

Panel light powerIt determines whether your lamp can be fully charged. Our HS series is equipped with big size poly-crystal silicon solar panel with 19% conversion rate. Even in cloudy and rainy days, it can still absorb the sunlight.

BatteryThis determines how long your illuminations will last. We use lithium iron phosphate battery with > 2000 charge cycles. If 2 days one times full charge (365/2=182tims, 2000/182=10 Years), batter can work 10 Years. It`s easy to find very cheap price batteries on market. However, after test we find so called 2200mAh is only 1400mAh. To avoid it, all the batteries from supplier should past our Battery capacity tester to ensure real capacity same as nominal one.

Brand and number of light source chipsEquipped with the best LED’s and upgraded Sana chips, it can achieve high brightness.

System controllersmart time control system can ensure more than 10 hours working time and remaining 2-3 rainy days.

Outdoor ProtectionCompletely IP66 waterproof (approved by IP66 water proof test machine under hot state) and good anti-corrosion coating (approved by salty spray test), there is no problem for outdoor and coat cities use.

Apart from above vital components of fixture. We also attach great attention to the usage and details. 5M 0.75 mm²cable. You can install the solar panel in highest location to absorb sun light efficiently. Using leper solar light, you will enjoy an efficient, eco-friendly, long work time, wide usage and joyful product. 

H Series Solar floodight

Red key: forcely turn the lights on and off during the day (when the charging indicator is on) but without light control.and continuous discharge under maximum power (discharge time is short) 5 to 9 hours of lighting time under full power.no response pressing other keys when press the red key to lighting when the charging indicator is on
Press red key is automatically power down mode operation when charging indicator is off at night,the 1 st hour, 100% power,2-3rd hours,80% power,4-5th hours 60% power 6-7th hours 40% power,then 25% power until the morning or stop.automatically charging during the day.

3H,5H,8H keys:There is light control function for the key,3H,5H,8H when automatically lighting at night or press the red key.After the lighting,then press 3H,5H,8H,each for lighting 3 hours,5hours and 8 hours,then power down to 25% or light off automatically
These three keys no memory,will automatically light off and charging during the day.

Full-light and half-light key:press the two keys after automatically lighting at night or press the red key to lighting, each means lighting under 100% power and 50% power,with light control function,automatically lighting at night and automatically off during the day. continuous discharge under maximum power (discharge time is short) not recommended for use.
5 to 9 hours of lighting time under full power,around 13 hours under half power.

AUTO key:with light control function when charging indicator not lighting then press red key or automatically lighting at night,working with power down mode under this state,the 1 st hour,100% power,2- 3rd hours,80% power,4-5th hours 60% power,6-7th hours,40% power,then 25% power until the morning or stop,automatically charge during the day.

keysipress these two keys when charging indicator not lighting then press red key or automatically lighting at night.means working with power up or power down and constant power work.without automatically power down function,due to constant power work, the working time is relatively short, still with light control function.

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