BS Sensor Floodlight

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BS sensor floodlight
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
LPFL-10BS01-G 10W 800-900LM N 167x107x55mm
LPFL-20BS01-G 20W 1600-1700LM N 167x107x55mm
LPFL-30BS01-G 30W 2400-2500LM N 202x156x56mm
LPFL-50BS01-G 50W 4000-4100LM N 225x198x60mm
Liper led sensor floodlight

In the busy life, people have more and more demand for convenience.Especially for some areas where there is no high level electrical control system,sensor floodlights are badly needed.In certain way,this lamp help energy saving and keep electricity cost down.

B II motion sensor type has all the features for B II normal floodlights.It covers from 10-50W.

High Lumen—it is bright enough for outdoor purpose as it is 100lm/W lumen efficiency.In this way,the lamp lights up the darkness in a flexible way.

IP Rate—tempered glass is well combined with edge of the housing.With IP65 sensor head,the whole luminaire reaches IP65.Comparing with IP54 in the market,ours are widely used.

Timing-delay adjustment—you can adjust the timing from 10 seconds to 4 minutes.No matter shorter time or longer time in different conditions,time is yours.You control it,you get it.

LUX—the lux can be adjustable.Keep it flexible as you need.

Sensitivity—fully control the lamp sense,you can do it under few seconds.Height from 2.2-4m and distance from 4-12m.Also,the head is moveable from 0-180°.

Torque and &IK rate—The standard for the torque and &IK rate of this kind of lamp is high,especially for installation and maintenance.Thus the IK08 and shockproof testing is necessary,of course,we all do it in a professional and strict way.

Modern life needs sensitive and flexible luminaire,and we all hope that we not only provide clients qualified outdoor lamps,but also bring convenience and enjoyable life.

Choose Liper sensor outdoor luminaires,DIY your own lifestyle.

We are here always waiting for you,your idea,your requirement and etc.

Do not hesitate to contact us.

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