XT Series Floodlight

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Die-Casting Aluminum
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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size
LPFL-10BT01 10W 1000-1080LM N 105X100x30mm
LPFL-20BT01 20W 2000-2080LM N 124X114x30mm
LPFL-30BT01 30W 3000-3080LM N 154X138X32mm
LPFL-50BT01 50W 5000-5080LM N 205X175X32mm
LPFL-100BT01 100W 10000-10500LM N 280X258X34mm
LPFL-150BT01 150W 15000-155000LM N 320X280X38mm

Are you fell helpless for the crazy sea freight?

Facing sea freight continues to rise, how to save container space to load more to decrease the unit freight is quite urgent. Liper didn't relax for a moment, one ultra-thin floodlight has come out!

Light Body
1.private model with a unique design, abandon the traditional heat-dissipating tooth design and create a special pattern belonging to Liper, you will never find the same one in the market
2.Full series, cover 10 to 150 watt, one-stop supply to you
3.Slim die-casting aluminum, reduce the thickness, one container overload ratio for each watt highest reach to 51%, which is compared to our current floodlight

1.Adopt a special sliding design for the handle, The handle is retracted when leaving the factory. When installing and using, loosen the screw and pull out the handle. Which at least can save 2cm for each floodlight
2.Innovation arc design which is really convenient for installing. Focus on high power, you may get this problem when install, If you want the light beam to face down, you have to tilt the handle and then use some material to fix it. Not convenient, also not stable. In Liper new arc design, the floodlight body is already facing down when installed, still, you can freely adjust the angle as you want.

Basic parameters
1. IP66, can withstand the impact of heavy rain and waves
2. DOB program, it can operate normally under unstable voltage, no flicker, high brightness, Lumen efficiency more than 100lm/w
3. Superior heat dissipation, the temperature rise of key components is within the design range
4. Working temperature: -45°-80°, can work well all over the world
5. IK rate reach IK08, no fear of terrible transportation conditions
6. Power cord higher than IEC60598-2-1 standard 0.75 square millimeters, strong enough

liper is committed to bringing brightness, convenience, and uniqueness to the world!

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      Liper XT Series IP66 LED flood light

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