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New Recessed Adjustable Downlight

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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size Hole Size
LP-DL10EN01-Y 10W 1150-1200 N 90x30mm 50-85mm
LP-DL18EN01-Y 18W 2160-2250 N 115x30mm 60-105mm
LP-DL24EN01-Y 24W 2880-3000 N 160x30mm 75-150mm
LP-DL36EN01-Y 36W 4500-4680 N 215x31mm 90-200mm

One light, no frame to create a simple modern style.

For the lights, from the colorful frame, like gold, silver, white, black, and so on to no frame. That’s because people are increasingly pursuing a simple life, the eye chooses the decoration material starts to change. Meet the needs of the market while maintaining the characteristics of Liper, the new recessed adjustable downlight comes out.

No frame, full lighting 

Full mist cover create a 3D surround lighting environment, light up in the room like a bright moon, without any extra decoration, in line with modern decoration aesthetics. 4 power can be chosen, Almost can meet the lighting needs of the whole house. And super high color rendering, make your home colorful and warm.

Cut Out Size Free

The fixed range of cut-out sizes brings us lots of headaches, cut-out size-free is the mainstream trend. It solves the trouble caused by fixed cutout size. 10W 50-85mm, 18W 60-105mm, 24W 75-150mm, 36W 90-200mm, you can install the lights to the ceiling as you want. Especially replace the old lights, never worry about not being installed anymore.


Back-lit using the LED luminous angle to design a reasonable LED spacing, plus ultra-thin, superior light guide mist cover bring high lumen efficiency, reach to 125lumen per watt.

Separate driver

With the driver, with a wide voltage, it can be used with confidence even in countries with unstable voltage. Driver outside, reduce the volume of the lamp body and solved the dark point problem caused by the driver on board as well. In particular, ultra-thin is also a trend, reducing transportation and storage costs and better fit the ceiling, creating an integrated visual experience of the ceiling and the lamp body.

Anyway, if you prefer the lights with frame, don’t miss our SIZE FREE EC DOWN LIGHT,Liper always gives you a variety of choices for led lights.

Simple, more than simple.


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