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A Ultra-Thin Panel Light

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Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
LP-LF60A60 40W 40W 3680-3960LM N 596x596x7mm
LP-LF60A60 50W 50W 4780-4950LM N 596x596x7mm

LED slim panel Light is one of 600x600mm panel fixtures,the length 1200mm also available.Liper ultra-thin panel light is sidelit design which means LEDS around the brim,this deign make the lighting more soft,will not hurt your eyes,and this kind of light widely use for school,hospital,home and so on.

It is easily and simple to install,can use both recessed and hanging on the ceiling according your decorative occasion.

UGR<19ensure the lighting comfortable for the working and living environment.

RA>80most nearly to reflect the real things and real color as your eyes see.

Separate liper design driverwell match and cooperation with the lights Input and output.It can works well in the area where the voltage not stable.

High LumenAs it is sidelight so LEDS we take the most high efficient type.To create a good visual.

Heat dissipationLiper 600x600mm panel light,though the height only around 7mm,but the base side and frame is thinner aluminum so cooling is good,this is different between backlit design. (the bottom side aluminum piece more than 1.2mm)

TestingPut the mental components to high&low temperature machine,under -45℃`+80℃ ensure the PC material will not deform,put the mental spare parts to salt spray machine,create a high salty and humidity condition test at least 24 hours make sure will not get rusty.

PC diffuser is frosted with UV resistant and high temperature resistance.what quality the PC material you choose matching to this lighting is important.

liper has steps to inspection.

First expose it to outside at least 2 month to check the UV resistant.(this step is casual check,3 times around a year)

Second begin production,we make 2pcs sample first,keep lighting in the DS-ORT(room with over 80℃) make sure the good heat dissipation.

Choose Liper,choose perfect lighting system.

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