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E Backlit Panel Light

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Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
LP-LF60E60 40W 40W 3250-3370LM N 596x596x40mm
LP-LF60E60 50W 50W 4380-451OLM N 596x596x40mm

Worrying about yellowish issue?Not bright enough?Glare concern?

How to choose a simple,stylish & suitable panel for a variety of places,such as offices,meeting rooms,schools and etc.

Germany Liper E series LED Panel lights will be your first priority.

Comparing with the traditional design of side-lits lamp,Liper back-lit panels have distinguishing advantages as below.

1. Back-lighted design helps to avoid the yellowish issue,because for external & internal design,we already consider the color maintenance.

2. It is consist of frame,diffusion,led strips,fitting base and driver,easy structure makes the light simple and high production efficiency.Meanwhile,it is easy for SKD as well.

3.UGR<19 to protect people’s eyes.If people who work and live in light pollution environment for a long time, their retina and iris will be damaged in different degrees.Our luminaire take this into consideration to help people feel comfortable under long time working.In this way,the entrepreneurs or educators will be more willing to purchase our lamps for more harmonious and enjoyable environment for their workers.

4.As it is well known that back-lit lamp brings more brightness.Besides, heat dissipation is also important.Thus,our panel lamps back design and 4cm thickness achieves better cooling effect.Superior heat dissipation makes the light longer lifetime.

The forever topic for LED lamp is always,quality,performance and life time.We are not only selling luminares,but also offering lighting solutions.A suitable environment is good for working,for studying and for development.
This is also our commission,to light up the world,whenever and wherever,we bring you a glimmer of hope,light&happiness.
Welcome to join us.

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