H Tri-Proof Tube

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H Tri-ProofTube
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
SY6120-H(LED) 1x20W 1650-1750LM N 600x95x70mm
SY6140-H(LED) 1x40W 3350-3450LM N 1200x95x70mm
SY6160-H(LED) 1x60W 5550-5650LM N 1500x95x70mm

Do you ever observe the circumstance of parking lot? It is easy to get moist once meet the rainy day. Lots of dust stay on the car and in the air. According to this specific environment, which led lights can be best choice?

Firstly, it must be at least IP65, IP means ingress protection, the first number refers to dust level, 6 means can prevent the dust from entering completely. The second number is waterproof level, 5 shows the water will not come in from any side.

How to prove it? Liper lighting owns waterpoof test machine which imports from Japan, the water will comes from the top of this machine and scour the products heavily. All the lights are tested after lighting up for 24 hours in order to simulate a real usage environment.

Secondly, anti corrosion is necessary. Although there is no water come inside, how about the housing? Once rusted, it influences the appearance of place, not good impression for customer.

Based on these essential points, our Tri-proof light can meet all the requirement. It is total IP65 after tested by third laboratory strictly. The material is high intensity PC cover with firm ABS base, which ensure the anti corrosion under severe surrounding for long time.

This Tri-proof light can be widely use for parking lots, basements, factories, workshops, stations, large facilities and venues etc. Advanced lighting optical principle is selected to optimize the design, the light is uniform and soft, no glare, no ghosting, effectively avoid people discomfort and fatigue.

Choose Liper, choose a comfortable lifestyle, pls contact us and get a quote today!

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