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F COB Ceiling Light round
F COB Ceiling Light square


Model Power Lume DIM Product size Cutout
LP-COB03F01-Y1 3W 60LM/W N ∅90x35mm ∅68-80mm
LP-COB05F01-Y1 5W 60LM/W N ∅90x35mm ∅68-80mm
LP-COB08F01-Y1 8W 60LM/W N ∅110x50mm ∅90-100mm
LP-COB12F01-Y1 12W 60LM/W N ∅136x65mm ∅120-130mm


Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Cutout
LP-COB03F01-F1 3W 60LM/W N ∅90x35mm ∅68-80mm
LP-COB05F01-F1 5W 60LM/W N ∅90x35mm ∅68-80mm
LP-COB08F01-F1 8W 60LM/W N ∅110x50mm ∅90-1OOmm
LP-COB12F01-F1 12W 60LM/W N ∅136x65mm ∅120-130mm

P.S. F01 black inner circle ,F02 white inner circle

LED ceiling light is one of the most important indoor decoration light, widely be used in houses,stores,supermarket,hotels,Jeweler’s and so on. Long life,good brightness, perfect beam angle make this product perfect for decoration.Our Liper LED ceiling light is the classic model for people who like traditional.

Full seriesFor power, we have 3w to 12w can meet most of daily needs. For shape we provide both round and square. The middle circle can be white and black.

Long lifeThe average life of Liper LED ceiling light reach more than 30000 hrs, according to the long life testing data from our lab.

Good Brightnessall light have brightness, the average light efficiency is 80lm/w based on the test report with ever fine photo electricity test machine.

Perfect beam anglethe beam angle is between 30° to 45° based on IES test file from dark room ,make all light no UGR ,give well protection of people’s eyes and create a harmony environment .

What’s more, we can give you diversity choice, the middle circle of the body can be white and black .For the color of light, warm white, cool white and Natural white all available .We also can provide you IES file which shows you all detail information about beam angle and photometric .It can help you decide which power is best for the environment and how many pcs of light you need to buy.

Lastly, I would like to say we are not only a manufacturer, but a plan and solution provider, hope you will enjoy use Liper products. 

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