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2700K/4000K/6500K/CCT Adjustable
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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size
LPDL-05EWS01-Y 5W 425-500lm N Φ88x28mm
LPDL-08EWS01-Y 8W 680-720lm N Φ112x30mm
LPDL-12EWS01-Y 12W 1020-1060lm N Φ175x33mm
LPDL-18EWS01-Y 18W 1530-1570lm N Φ222x35mm

CCT adjustable luminaire has become another series of Liper's main promotion, the color temperature adjustable feature will actually bring great benefits to all the distributors, our partners can effectively save SKU and reduce the pressure on the inventory of a single model. We will soon launch the new CCT adjustable downlight, let's see what new features it has!

[Size and color selectable] A wide range of wattage, the whole series including 5w, 8w, 12w and 18w. Different wattage for different sizes, and the colors are available in pure white, which giving you multiple choices.

[CCT Adjustable]In addition to the regular three color temperature (3000/4000/6500K), the new series of Liper can do CCT adjustable, there is an adjust button on the body of the light, just gently push, you can adjust the color temperature to the color you want. No longer need to stock up for a single color temperature, saving SKU's and relieving inventory pressure at the same time.

[Excellent PC and Design]Embedded design, and a compact integrated structure design, the whole light material is high-strength engineering plastic, with a soft cover, will not strobe, to create a bright and comfortable lighting atmosphere.

[High Performance]High luminous flux, luminous efficiency can reach 80lm/w, beam angle is 120°. Applicable area is not limited, you can install the right amount for your ceiling according to your interior lighting design. The series has high color rendering index, CRI>80. With such high performance , this light series can perfectly show the true color of indoor items and can show the lighting effect which is not inferior to daily light.

[Wide Application]The minimalist design allows it to be applied to a wide range of places. The series can be used in almost all indoor scenes, such as living rooms, bedrooms, stores, libraries, restaurants and other places.

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