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Economic EW Down Light

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economic EW down light
Model Power Lumen DIM Product size Cutout
LP-DL03EW03-Y1 3W 210-240LM N ∅98x28mm ∅70-90mm
LP-DL05EW03-Y1 5W 360-420LM N ∅98x28mm ∅70-90mm
LP-DL06EW03-Y1 6W 430-51OLM N ∅120x28mm ∅90-110mm
LP-DL08EW03-Y1 8W 560-650LM N ∅146x28mm ∅115-130mm
LP-DL12EW03-Y1 12W 880-1020LM N ∅185x28mm ∅155-175mm
LP-DL18EW03-Y1 18W 1450-1530LM N ∅225x28mm ∅195-215mm
LP-DL26EW03-Y1 26W 2110-2210LM N ∅225x28mm ∅195-215mm

Nowadays, market always prefer for more slim type, so our EW series downlight comes. If customer is tried of complicated products, change your taste and check out this popular led down light. This led product is applied for many places, no matter shopping mall, villa, hotel etc.

Parameter selectable—The thickness of EW series downlight only 28mm, and the wattage can be from 3W to 26W as needed. Regarding the hole size, can offer big range from 75mm to 215mm.

Product design—When describe the appearance of one product, which word comes first? This EW series is affluent and smooth in order to meet with the concept “less is more”.

Anti-Rust— All the components of this product is strictly controlled, all the screws are anti corrosion after at least 24 hours salty spray test. All the springs are elastic and firm after more than thousands of resilience.

What’s more, if buyer hope to get this panel light with ring on the cover, we did it, not only for round shape, also square shape is feasible. How about add extra glass on the cover in order to meet the requirement of projects, we also did it.

Cooperate with Liper, create one new world with brightness.

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