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when The Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic is still spreading seriously at this moment. Liper lights expanded its business into more fields for the convenience of citizens, including installation and delivery. To make sure all the customers use Liper lights without the trip, just a call. Convenient, fast, professional and high efficient.

Before the COVID-19, the service for installation and delivery, by the support of Liper, was already in some trial cities which has Liper partner. The below video was sent back from one of our partners to show their good job and to show their positive response to the Liper policy.

From the video you can see our partner is working in Liper showroom, the showroom design and decoration materials are supported by us, for the details information, can check the news Showroom of Some Liper Partners 

In order to build Liper professional team to show the company culture, Liper provides a uniform T-shirt and electrician Vest. 


Except for the Liper T-shirt and electrician Vest, the Liper car design is one of our support as well. Unity is the foundation for the long-term development of a brand, it demonstrates the love for the brand and adherence to the brand concept. But a brand with only unity but no individuality is a rigid and non-viable brand, that’s why when you see Liper in different areas, it looks the same but with individuation as well.

liper lighting

Moreover, All Liper partner's staff and installation electricians have passed real-name certification and skill assessment before they can work. We strictly require our partner to regularly conduct team training and physical health examination for all recruited staff to make sure professional and high efficient service.

We are so proud that we have those partners, those teams which can provide excellent service to all the customers.

Liper never stops, because we have a group of friends behind us, support and trust us forever. 

Liper, we have been looking forward to your joining, let’s make the Liper light sprinkles on the yellow land together.

Post time: Jul-20-2021

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