Mist cover IP65 Downlight Generation Ⅲ

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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size
LPDL-20MT02-T 20W 1800-1900LM N 255X125x72mm
LPDL-20MT02-Y 20W 1800-1900LM N Φ206X72mm
LPDL-30MT02-Y 30W 2700-2800LM N Φ256X76mm
LPDL-30MT02-F 30W 2755-3045LM N 205X205X60MM
LPDL-40MT02-F 40W 3610-3990LM N 260X260X60MM
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Shape selectable In the Generation Ⅲ Mist cover IP65 Downlight, Liper provides you with more diverse choices. In addition to regular round downlights, we also introduce oval shapes, square shapes. White and black frames are available as well. these will adapt to more fashionable and trending decoration trends.

Excellent PC Mist Cover Made of superior PC material, especially for outdoor use, it has the characteristics of high hardness, high strength, high toughness, UV resistance, high light transmittance, long-term use without aging, high lumen, and eye protection. Combine with the mist cover to bring the best soft light to your installation site.

IP 65 and Insects resistance Waterproof grade is IP65, no fear of water invasion. Integrate design with intensity sealing, make sure no insects can go inside during working.

Rust-Proof To ensure that the lamps are anti-rust. Every spare part, we will test in our salt spray test machine for at least 24 hours. So this model can be installed in any wet location, and there is no problem in using it in seaside cities.

Easy to install Surface-mounted install type. There is no need to reserve the location of the installation holes in advance, and it can be installed on various occasions such as walls, ceilings, outdoor pavilions, and corridors according to individual needs.

Wide Application Suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The IP65 protection level brings wider adaptability to Liper Generation Ⅲ downlights.

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      Liper IP65 3rd generation downlight(matte)

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