IP65 Down Light Generation 5th

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Die-Casting Aluminum
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Model Power Lumen DIM Product Size(mm)
LP-DL20MF01-T 20W 1710-1890LM N 224X56X138
LP-DL30MF01-Y 30W 2570-2840LM N 255X55X255
Liper waterproof led lights (4)

Liper focused on research and development of waterproof LED lights. Continuing the development law of the new generation every year, the fifth generation of waterproof downlights arrived as promised. Every update is a design breakthrough and technological progress, which greatly meets the needs of the market and covers all the fantasies of users about waterproof products.

Well, let’s see how is it!
Exquisite and Special Double Ring Design: high light transmission milk-white PC cover plus circular light transmission cover to create a unique shape. Meantime, create an elegant lighting environment. The back-lit lighting is bright and soft to meet indoor and outdoor visual needs, the side-lit lighting surrounded by the circular cover enhances the space texture and enriches the lighting environment. One more, premium full spectrum lamp beads, eye protection.

Waterproof Junction Box: Waterproof junction box with wire terminal, meet the wiring requirements of Europe outdoor waterproof lights. Which meets all requirements no matter the home use or the project needs, don't worry, just choose it.

Superior Aluminum Base: Premium aviation aluminum, excellent heat dissipation. Quality assurance plastic powder, matte high-class texture, wear-resistant and rust-proof.

High Light Transmission Milk-White PC Cover: After continuing to light up in our high-temperature cabinet(45℃- 60℃)for about 1 year for stability tests and lasting one week in a high and low-temperature laboratory(-50℃- 80℃) for impact tests, we can guarantee it high toughness and UV resistance. Anti-sunshine, sun, and rain will not cause turn yellow, never brittle and crack when long time use.

Multiple Choices: Two shapes, round and oval. The round shape is most installed on the ceiling of the rooms, or ceiling of the balconies, corridors, etc. Oval shape, it is an exquisite outdoor wall light. Surely you can install it as you like. Please keep in mind, that it’s IP65 down light, you can install it anywhere.
As you see, yes this is our exquisite 5th Generation IP65 double ring ceiling lights.

The fifth-generation is a new beginning, not an end. Please keep looking forward to next year's design.

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