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Why the planar Intensity distribution curve of street lights is not uniform?

Usually, we require the light intensity distribution of the lamps to be uniform, because it can bring comfortable lighting and protect our eyes. The overall lighting environment will be conducive to daily life, work, and study. That’s why the High-end residences, hotels, hospitals, schools, etc. have requirements for light intensity distribution. 

But have you ever seen the streetlight planar Intensity distribution curve?

It is not uniform, why?
This is our topic today.

First, let us check one LED streetlight planar Intensity distribution curve

green curve: weak light          blue curve: strong light

You may feel confused why the strong light curve not uniform.

The below planar Intensity distribution curve is the perfect one, weak light and strong light distribution with almost zero error which is LED panel light.

For most indoor light, the lighting distribution curve is uniform, because human beings live indoors long time to make sure the comfortable lighting environment improve work efficiency and protect health.

liper 93

But for a led streetlight, it is a different design because of the use environment.

The lighting distribution curve can not uniform, must be biased


There are two basic reasons

1. The principle of street lamp lens design is refraction which difficult to have uniform lighting distribution

2. To light up the road, the strong light curve must is deflected to the road, or it only lights up under the street light which will lose the function of street lights. Especially for the street lamp design, like A and B, only one side has a streetlight, if the strong light not deflected to the road, the whole road will be dark

wid (5)

The lamps of different functions have different lighting distribution, not only the uniform is the perfect one, according to different using environment, need has a different design.

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Post time: Apr-27-2021

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