IP65 Down Light Generation II

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Liper led light (2)
Liper led light (1)


Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
LPDL-20MA01-Y 20W 1600-1700LM N ∅182x48mm
LPDL-30MA01-Y 30W 2400-2500LM N ∅235x52mm
LPDL-40MA01-Y 40W 3200-3300LM N ∅292x55mm
LPDL-50MA01-Y 50W 5000-5100LM N ∅380x55mm
LPDL-60MA01-Y 60W 6000-6100LM N ∅495x58mm


Model Power Lumen DIM Product size
LPDL-30MA01-F 30W 2400-2500LM N 210x210x52mm
LPDL-40MA01-F 40W 3200-3300LM N 265x265x55mm

Have you ever be disturbed by insects that enter the lights? Have you ever be troubled to find a light that can use indoor and outdoor? Have you ever be dazzled by kinds of shape lights on the market?

Liper is always committed to bringing convenience and increasing value to customers. Therefore one light that can be used for your whole house comes out.No matter the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, balcony or outer wall of the courtyard, Liper IP65 downlight can be your choice.

Complete power: power cover 20-50watt, one-step service for your whole house.Different power match different square area. Especially for 50watt, the high lumen can definitely replace your crystal light in your living room. Easy installation and maintenance, simple and elegant design conform to modern aesthetics.

Anti-insect: integrated design with glue, screw and seal ring triple security to make sure waterproof and up to IP65 rate. We even test it under the IP66 standard, the flow set to 53 which same as heavy rain and sea wave.

Even water can not enter into the lights, INSECT, never!!! This is a great advantage compared with the traditional downlight which is a hollow design. Therefore, the kitchen, bathroom, balcony, exterior wall, corridor, even sauna room can also choose it.BTW, Sealed design not only extends the using range, but also can protect the lights from dust to increase the lifetime, in the meantime, maintain beauty.

Special plastic cover: there is a big challenge for the plastic cover when using for outdoor, does it anti-sunshine?Will it become brittle and crack when long time use? will it turn to yellow......After continue to light up in our high-temperature cabinet(45℃- 60℃)for about 1 year for stability tests and lasting one week in a high and low-temperature laboratory(-50℃- 80℃) for impact tests, we can guarantee its high toughness and UV resistance.

Frame color: with the improvement of personalized demand, classic white frame color obviously not enough, black, silver, wood grain and other colors can be made by our mature spraying technology.

Options: single color temperature, dimming, and sensor type, three options for you to choose. Meet the different needs of different scenarios.


Backlit and side-lit is another differential design that can make the lights more soft and bright. Choose Liper, choose one-step service for your whole house.No disturbed, no troubled, no dazzling, efficient and excellent.

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      Liper IP65 2nd generation downlight
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      Liper IP65 2nd generation downlight(Radar Sensor)

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